Meeting and Events Guidelines

1. Activities are to be conducted in keeping with University rules and regulations.

2. PRIDE has no membership requirements; please do not assume the sexual orientation or gender identity of others. Speculating about others in this way is highly inappropriate and will not be tolerated.

3. Communication with one another is conducted in a respectful manner. There is no place within PRIDE for bullying, belittling, or gossiping about members or non-members. Discussions about people not present at the meeting (or event) are not allowed. This includes communication via social media or other electronic media.

4. There will be zero tolerance for behaviors that are threatening, demeaning, or harassing in nature.

5. Differences should be settled in a manner that is professional and mutually respectful. If needed, members can ask advisors to mediate.

6. The use of offensive language and images is prohibited. Questionable material should be approved by the academic advisor.

7. Confidentiality must be respected. Information from conversations and discussions at PRIDE events should not be repeated. The exception to this rule is that if a member learns of real or potential action that would be harmful to anyone, appropriate resources—advisors, the Counseling Center, Campus Security—should be consulted. We want everyone safe!

8. PRIDE is about inclusivity. Care must be taken to avoid the formation of subgroups, cliques or “power groups.”

9. Avoid generalizing about entire groups of people.

For further details about PRIDE, please see our constitution.