Drag Show

All UE students are invited to participate in PRIDE's annual Drag Show, a philanthropic event to raise money for local LGBT support organizations such as Tri-State Alliance, AIDS Resource Group, Matthew 25, and Planned Parenthood of Indiana. The show has been on campus since 2002.

The Drag Show is a lip sync-style contest where males should dress as females, and females should dress as males.


In 2002 it all began with a "Cabaret," then 2003 it was properly named a "Drag Show," the tradition continued to gain momentum. 2011 was our most successful year so far, raising over $3,000 which was split between Planned Parenthood of Indiana, Matthew 25, and AIDS Resource Group. 2012 will mark PRIDE's 10th drag show. Each year the acts get better and the fun never stops. Recent Dag show themes have been "So you think you can drag," "Drag Race," "DragStock: Peace, Love, and Drag," and "Keep Calm and Drag On." This year's drag show will be Saturday, December 1st, 2012 and our theme is Apocalipstick 2012--so stay tuned!

Want to perfom?


We love students performs! If you or your group would like to perform, please email PRIDE with your performer name/group name, your song choice, and real name of each of your memebers. We will also need a digital copy of your music, which can either be emailed to the above address or given to one of the exec board members or the advisor by November 19, 2012. Cost to perform is $8 per performer, but capped at $25 for groups 4 or larger. Money also due by November 19th. To guide your performance, please see the guidelines below and consider attending our drag tutorial in late November.


This year's professionals have already been selected. If you are performing and have questions, feel free to contact us through email.

Just wanna watch?

Purchase your tickets for $6 at the tables in Ridgway and Hyde Hall, or buy them at the door. In addition to your ticket, bringing in a canned food item (or 2 or 3!) will earn you tickets toward door prizes. Tickets are 1 can or boxed item per ticket. So bring in a canned food item to support local charities and enter to win the door prizes! PRIDE tee-shirts and bracelets will also be on sale the day of the show, including a special shirt themed around this year's show!

Rules and Guidelines

Feel free to be as conservative or as outrageous as you feel comfortable (just keep in mind that this is a UE activity, so don't be so outrageous that it becomes inappropriate). Please use good common sense about this. You and your organization will be penalized should any boundaries be crossed. If you have any concerns about your act, please contact a PRIDE officer.

  • Acts are lip-sync style, with dancing/choreography
  • Acts can be an individual or a group consisting of no more than 6 people
  • Main performer(s) must be in drag (non-drag "backup singers" are permitted)
  • Acts should be no longer than 5 minutes
  • Music must be edited for propriety; we must follow the same rules as WUEV. No strong profanity or lewd references. Basically, copy the version you might hear on the radio (perhaps off of an mp3 player, to retain sound quality). If we do not deem your copy appropriate, your entry may or may not be rejected
  • Acts will be judged in three categories: performance, costume/realism, and crowd response
  • Tips will be collected as the indicator of the crowd-response. After tips are received on stage, they will be collected backstage and counted
  • Winners of each category will receive individual prizes (gift-certificates, etc.)

Tricks of the Trade

For everyone:

  • There is a Goodwill near the intersection of Green River and Lincoln for all your clothing needs
  • All drag performers choose stage names. You don't need to have one, but a clever (yet tasteful) name can increase audience response. Please refrain from using names of genitalia, sexual acts, or any other crude terms in your stage name.

For females:

  • A 12 o'clock shadow can be created with dark eyeshadow, liberally applied on the cheeks and chin
  • Mustaches, goatees, sideburns, and thickened eyebrows can be drawn in with mascara or lip liner
  • Fake facial hair and glue can be purchased at any costume store
  • Short wigs might be found at costume stores. Incorporating a hat into your outfit may be the easiest way to hide long hair
  • To create a flatter chest, use any comfortable combination of the following: sports bra, ace bandages, duct tape, waist trimmer, baggy shirts
  • To walk like a man, take larger strides, keep your feet farther apart, and slouch more than usual

For males:

  • Shave your face. Please. Clean-shaven legs are a plus, but tights or dark pantyhose will usually cover up the growth
  • Drag makeup is not street makeup. It is usually very bright and thick. Think RuPaul. Big eyelashes, big lips, high cheekbones.
  • Wigs of all sorts can be found at costume and party supply stores
  • Borrow or buy whatever type of bra you think works with your outfit. Pushup bras should help attain a "well-endowed" look. The cheapest way to fill it is a carefully packed pair of socks. Please refrain from using water balloons; we don't need performers leaking on stage!